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You know that quality sex means you need a strong, stable erection. Also, in men, for an intense orgasm, you need an abundant ejaculation. VirilBlue is a dietary supplement for men who want to rediscover their fitness and boost their energy.

  • Made in Europe
  • From natural products
  • No prescription required
  • Money back guarantee
  • Endurance & performance
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Fabriqué en Europe - 100% naturel - Sans prescription médicale

Made in Europe

Guaranteed quality and safety

100% natural

Formula made with natural products

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Discreet and free delivery

Money back guarantee

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The benefits of VirilBlue

This is THE natural reference product for men who want to be and stay fit

  • Potential to regain your fitness
  • Rediscovering your vitality helps you forget fatigue
  • Stimulate and re-boost your overall libido
  • Rediscover your sexual confidence
  • Your erection is stronger and harder
  • Keep your erection throughout intercourse
  • Enjoy intercourse without fear of failure
  • Enjoy more intense, powerful orgasms
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Stimulate your virility!

When you’re in shape, you will find that your erections are strong and your ejaculations are powerful

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100% natural ingredients

The VirilBlue formula is based on natural and highly reputable ingredients


The virtues of dried maca root may be useful for relieving a host of ailments: troubles with sexuality and procreation, weakening of the immune system, anaemia, tuberculosis, menstrual troubles, symptoms of menopause, constipation, etc....


The fruits of the tribulus have been used for millennia in Ayurvedic medicine (India) and in Asian traditional medicine (China, Japan, Korea, etc.), primarily for infertility and sexual dysfunction, both in men and women.


L-arginine has a stimulating effect and dilates the blood vessels. Not only does this cause a pleasant feeling and a firmer appearance, but it also improves the nutrient supply of the muscle cells and therefore the general performance of the man in question.

Zinc citrate

Zinc has multiple benefits for the proper functioning of the body. In particular, it stimulates the immune system by increasing the synthesis of T lymphocytes, but it is also improves reproductive and neurological functions.


As an antioxidant, it appears to be a stimulator of testosterone secretion, a factor in stabilizing the membrane and the mobility of sperm. It increases serum testosterone levels, sperm viability, sperm motility and sperm count.


This root has many beneficial properties leading to numerous benefits. Used to relieve nausea, this spice with a pungent taste is mainly used as an aphrodisiac to stimulate the sexual appetite of men and women.

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Stimulate your virility!

When you’re in shape, you will find that your erections are strong and your ejaculations are powerful

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We give a voice to customers who already use VirilBlue

I couldn't be sexually “dynamic” anymore ...

"My wife and I have been married for several decades already. And even though everything was fine with our kids, our hobbies and everything we shared, time had left its mark and I couldn't be as sexually 'dynamic' as I had been a few years ago and that created a great gap between us... So, without much hope that it would work, I tried VirilBlue, and it gave an unexpected and very definite ‘boost’ to our intimate life!"

- Damien, 58 y.o.

I disappointed the women I met ...

"With women, it was always the same story. Once the first dates were over and the boxes checked and when it was time to get to business under the covers, I always felt the same stress and the same anxiety. And almost every time, it prevented me from performing, much to the disappointment of the women I met ... And it was often very painful for me not to see them any more and to lose touch with them for this reason. VirilBlue allowed me to overcome this problem and finally be able to satisfy my dates!"

- Ismaël, 36 y.o.

I could no longer chat with attractive women or go out to flirt in the evenings ...

"My erection problems kept me from chatting with attractive women and going out to flirt in the evenings. What if I was unable to get an erection at the crucial moment? This humiliating thought made me freeze up and it had gotten to the point that I had sadly resigned myself to a single life. VirilBlue has helped me to trust myself again and to be able to approach attractive women again. To my great pleasure and that of my conquests!"

- Ludovic, 31 y.o.

I felt left out and rejected...

"When I heard my friends talking about their conquests around me, I felt left out and rejected. My erection problems no longer allowed me to lead the life of seduction they were talking about and I felt like I was slowly being excluded from their circle. Someone advised me to try VirilBlue and the results were immediate! I was able to bounce back, regain my role in my group of friends and, most importantly, have fun with women again."

- Charles, 41 y.o.

I wanted to avoid these embarrassing and humiliating situations ...

"One day I overheard a group of girls talking about their sexual experiences, one of them was complaining and making fun of her partner, who hadn't been able to maintain an erection. It hurt me deeply as I remembered all the times when I couldn’t ... So I decided to give VirilBlue a chance, to avoid these embarrassing and humiliating situations in the future. And I haven't encountered one since! "

- Patrick, 49 y.o.

I no longer experience first-time jitters ...

"I'm pretty stressed out by nature and when it came to getting started with a new partner, I just couldn't get an erection. And of course, that was far from ideal for making a good first impression. With VirilBlue, I was finally able to overcome those first-time jitters and thrive with my new partners. "

- Fabrice, 33 y.o.

Stimulate your virility!

When you’re in shape, you will find that your erections are strong and your ejaculations are powerful

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Satisfaction guaranteed

The full satisfaction of all our customers is our top priority

You have absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain with our "Money Back Guarantee".

Because we’re convinced that after you’ve tried VirilBlue you’ll never go back, we’re offering all our new clients a “Satisfied or Your Money Back” guarantee. As the reports from our customers show, VirilBlue is effective. VirilBlue users who are physically fit have an explosive libido, sustained erections and abundant ejaculations with orgasms that are very powerful. So why shouldn’t you try it too?

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