My self-confidence was shaken ...

"Not being able to satisfy my wife had shaken my confidence terribly, I felt like I had lost all hope of being able to satisfy my wife again and this was gradually creating a distance between us. Thanks to VirilBlue, this problem has finally come to an end and we’re now closer than ever, in bed and beyond!"

- Laurent, 42 y.o.

These problems lasted for years ...

"For years my erection problems totally shattered my confidence, I didn't feel like a 'man' anymore and that affected many aspects of my life. ViriliBlue helped me regain my virility and especially my lost confidence. It shows and my life is flourishing again in all areas!"

- Cédric, 55 y.o.

I could no longer chat with attractive women or go out to flirt in the evenings ...

"My erection problems kept me from chatting with attractive women and going out to flirt in the evenings. What if I was unable to get an erection at the crucial moment? This humiliating thought made me freeze up and it had gotten to the point that I had sadly resigned myself to a single life. VirilBlue has helped me to trust myself again and to be able to approach attractive women again. To my great pleasure and that of my conquests!"

- Ludovic, 31 y.o.

We were arguing more and more frequently ...

"Even though my partner and I didn't dare bring up the topic, we knew that our increasingly frequent arguments were related to this problem. That is to say that our sexual intercourse was becoming increasingly rare because I was no longer able to have erections strong enough to make sure it happened. Indirectly, this contributed to tensions and ever more frequent arguments in our relationship. With the solution provided by Virilblue, our relationship has calmed down again and our sex life has never been so fulfilling! "

- Florent, 44 y.o.

I had lost what made me a man ...

"I had lost all my self-esteem. I told myself that, because I was not able to get strong erections anymore, I had lost what made me a man, and that affected me terribly. After trying VirilBlue, I was finally able to rediscover that feeling of virility and masculinity, and I feel very fulfilled again. VirilBlue really gave new life to my manhood."

- Benoît, 42 y.o.

I was feeling a lot of frustration ...

"I have always been comfortable in company and with women, but when it comes to getting down to business, I suddenly became a lot less confident ... This was a huge source of frustration for me. Virilblue has allowed me to overcome these obstacles and finally be able to take full advantage of my power of seduction! "

- Jacques, 46 y.o.

I no longer experience first-time jitters ...

"I'm pretty stressed out by nature and when it came to getting started with a new partner, I just couldn't get an erection. And of course, that was far from ideal for making a good first impression. With VirilBlue, I was finally able to overcome those first-time jitters and thrive with my new partners. "

- Fabrice, 33 y.o.

I thought it would pass...

"When I started having erectile dysfunction with my partner, I told myself that it would pass, that it was only temporary. And then these problem became ever more frequent until they became the new norm in our relationship. This was, of course, far from appealing for my wife ... Our marriage was starting to go off the rails and our relationship was getting strained, so I gave VirilBlue a try. My erectile dysfunction stopped, but more importantly we were able to regain the close and fulfilling relationship we had before, as if nothing had changed."

- Romain, 45 y.o.

I wanted to take charge ...

"At first, I thought it was normal. After all, who has never experienced a failure? But when these ‘failures’ finally multiplied, I started to worry. And things haven’t changed in the right direction ... So I wanted to take charge and that's how I tried VirilBlue. It allowed me to put a stop these failures and regain the virility and confidence I had before!"

- Vincent, 38 y.o.

I couldn't be sexually “dynamic” anymore ...

"My wife and I have been married for several decades already. And even though everything was fine with our kids, our hobbies and everything we shared, time had left its mark and I couldn't be as sexually 'dynamic' as I had been a few years ago and that created a great gap between us... So, without much hope that it would work, I tried VirilBlue, and it gave an unexpected and very definite ‘boost’ to our intimate life!"

- Damien, 58 y.o.

I felt left out and rejected...

"When I heard my friends talking about their conquests around me, I felt left out and rejected. My erection problems no longer allowed me to lead the life of seduction they were talking about and I felt like I was slowly being excluded from their circle. Someone advised me to try VirilBlue and the results were immediate! I was able to bounce back, regain my role in my group of friends and, most importantly, have fun with women again."

- Charles, 41 y.o.

I was so ashamed that I didn't dare talk about it ...

"For a long time, I was so ashamed that I didn't dare talk about it. So I became closed in on myself and the situation was getting worse, and my morale was declining day by day. After finally sharing the causes of my discomfort with a friend, he advised me to take VirilBlue. After trying and seeing it worked, I regained my confidence and my condition improved. VirilBlue has clearly given me back the stable and fulfilling life I wanted."

- Éric, 47 y.o.

This problem was ruining my life ...

"Shame was exactly the feeling I had when I met the gaze of a woman on the street, telling myself that I wouldn't be able to satisfy her. This shame followed me for years before I decided to tackle this problem that was ruining my life. After giving VirilBlue a chance I could see the immediate effects on my manhood. And I was able to put aside my shame and regain my confidence!"

- Jean-Claude, 51 y.o.

I wanted to avoid these embarrassing and humiliating situations ...

"One day I overheard a group of girls talking about their sexual experiences, one of them was complaining and making fun of her partner, who hadn't been able to maintain an erection. It hurt me deeply as I remembered all the times when I couldn’t ... So I decided to give VirilBlue a chance, to avoid these embarrassing and humiliating situations in the future. And I haven't encountered one since! "

- Patrick, 49 y.o.

I lived an almost sexless life ...

"I had finally made up my mind that I would live a fulfilling life, but without sex, or having sex almost never, because my erection problems were getting serious. But no matter how hard I tried to convince myself, I felt that there was a void in my life and I had to fill it. So I tried VirilBlue to finally try and solve this problem. And to my surprise, it was quick and effective. Today I can truly lead a full and fulfilling life."

- Olivier, 54 y.o.

Nothing was really working ...

"I had tried almost everything to solve this problem: from breathing and relaxation exercises to physical activity, Chinese remedies and ice-cold showers, but nothing really worked and my problem persisted. So I tried VirilBlue and this time I could see real progress! And this erection problem that had been hanging over me for so many years could finally be fixed."

- Kévin, 29 y.o.

I was afraid of losing my partner ...

"I was at the beginning of my relationship with my new partner, the time when sex is the most frequent and passionate. But even in those times of excitement, I wasn't always very good, and I was afraid of losing my new partner because of it. So I gave VirilBlue a try, and it was effective, because we've been together ever since!"

- Alexandre, 33 y.o.

I disappointed the women I met ...

"With women, it was always the same story. Once the first dates were over and the boxes checked and when it was time to get to business under the covers, I always felt the same stress and the same anxiety. And almost every time, it prevented me from performing, much to the disappointment of the women I met ... And it was often very painful for me not to see them any more and to lose touch with them for this reason. VirilBlue allowed me to overcome this problem and finally be able to satisfy my dates!"

- Ismaël, 36 y.o.

I was trapped in a vicious cycle ...

"The problem with failures is they generate anxiety for the next time. And this anxiety will cause another failure, which will make you feel even more anxiety during the next session of intercourse. And little by little, without even realizing it, we fall into a vicious circle ... Without VirilBlue, I would still be there, stressing out and not being able to perform, but luckily all of that is now behind me!"

- Mohamed, 38 y.o.

I had become irritable on a daily basis ...

"My erection problems of course had a negative impact on our sex life, but not only that. It was actually much deeper than that ... My relationship with my wife deteriorated and I became much more irritable every day. Not to mention the negative consequences at work or with my children. I could no longer remain in this situation where I risked jeopardizing my family and professional balance. VirilBlue gave me the right answer to finally restore that balance and find peaceful relationships."

- Rodolphe, 35 y.o.

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